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With over a decade of knowledge and experience in mattress cleaning services, we have helped thousands of Singaporeans sleep soundly. Refresh your old mattress from stains, germs, bacteria, odours & dust mites effectively with our state of the art cleaning machines. These machines are designed especially for high-quality cleaning services, which provide deep cleaning. Our extraction cleaning methods can solve all your dust mite removal needs. Our mattress cleaning services are designed to be immaculate and hassle-free. Our competitive rates keep our customers signing up for more! Looking for house cleaning and disinfection services? We offer professional cleaning services. Contact us today!


The service staff is very professional, walked us through the steps of their cleaning process and did a really good job! Highly Recommended cleaning Company!

Richard Tay 2 days ago

I had my mattress deep cleaned by them at last minute notice due to my girl's pee. Very satisfied with the results. Arranging an appointment is hassle-free and easy with just a simple WhatsApp message.

Ping An Qi 1 month ago

Always had sinus and eczema issues. Engaged this company's services. Huge improvement to my condition. Definitely recommending these guys for our next cleaning session.

Michelle Yong 6 months ago

Stop suffering from sleepless nights on your dirty mattress. Sign up for our immaculate & hassle-free mattress cleaning services Today!

Who Are We? And Who Do We Service?

MCSC is a professional cleaning company that has been serving Singaporeans for decades. We are a company that is licensed and certified in Singapore, making us a top mattress cleaning services provider. We specialize and offer a wide range of services to both residential and commercial establishments. We also provide urgent mattress cleaning services due to sudden mishaps from our customers.

Being the leading mattress cleaning company in Singapore, we are always improving and researching ways to provide the best quality cleaning services to our customers. Our years of experience have helped us learn and understand the best and most effective mattress cleaning techniques and the best products in the current market. We are determined to deliver quality cleaning services, that will provide the best mattress cleaning results above industry standards. We really do take pride in the mattress cleaning task assigned to us.

Mattress Cleaning Singapore Company is a company where you will always get more than what you pay for. Our highly rated customer satisfaction level enables us to provide quality mattress cleaning services while keeping them competitive and affordable so you can continue to use us for your mattress deep cleaning services needs. Our experts are professionally trained and skilled to handle any kind of mattress cleaning job. We will customise our mattress cleaning services according to your personal needs and requirements. With our years of experience, we have discovered through our research the best mattress cleaning equipment, technologies, and products.

MCSC is a company that is reliable and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Making us the top choice for your mattress cleaning needs.


We Specialise in the following Mattress Cleaning Singapore Services:

At MCSC, we don't just clean mattresses, we save them! Our repeat customers have affectionately dubbed us as the 'Mattress Cleaning Singapore Heroes', and we wear that title with pride. With our professional and effective mattress cleaning services, we ensure that your mattress is not just clean, but free from dust mites and other pesky allergens. Check out some of the services we offer below and let us work our magic on your mattress!

Why A Clean Mattress Is Necessary For Good Sleep?

Did you know that the cleanliness of your mattress has a direct impact on your sleep? Don’t let dust mites, germs, bacteria, sweat, dead skin, dirt, stains, and harmful microscopic organisms ruin your peaceful slumber. With our professional mattress cleaning services, we can eliminate all the hidden mess that resides in your mattress, giving you a hygienic sleeping environment.

Breathing in such an environment during good 8 hours of sleep every night can expose a person to old grime, dirt, and critters, creating respiratory problems, insomnia, allergies, a miserable immune system, and even sunk libido in the bedroom. But, with our deep cleaning services, you can avoid these disorders and revitalize your body during sleep.

Our professional cleaning and disinfection services are the solutions to all these problems. Let our experts take care of your mattress cleaning Singapore, and enjoy a good night’s sleep without any worries.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


What Are Dust Mites And Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of Them?

House mites, also known as dust mites, are microscopic organisms that commonly reside in warm, humid environments like mattresses and pillows. Despite being too small to be seen by the naked eye, they can have a big impact on human health.

On average, humans shed around 1,500,000 dead skin flakes per hour, which can accumulate in mattresses where dust mites feed on them. Dust mite faeces can cause allergies and respiratory problems, with sufferers experiencing symptoms like itching, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, and asthma attacks.

To combat the issues caused by dust mites, it’s essential to engage a professional mattress cleaning Singapore company that can provide thorough cleaning and disinfection services. Our team offers steam cleaning and deep cleaning services that can effectively remove dust mites and improve the overall cleanliness of your mattress, promoting better sleep and a healthier living environment.


Who to Call for Mattress Cleaning?

While changing your bedsheets regularly is a great habit, it won't save you from those pesky dust mites and grime lurking deep within your mattress. What you need is the big guns – high-tech German equipment that can deep clean or even steam clean your mattress. Don't worry, you won't have to do it yourself! Our team of professionals is fully equipped with the right knowledge and expertise to handle your precious mattress with care. We'll blast those dust mites and grime away without damaging your mattress. So, if you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to handle your mattress cleaning needs, look no further. We're just one click away and ready to take on the challenge!


Why Do Your Mattresses Need To Be Professionally Cleaned?

While it’s common knowledge that bathrooms can harbour germs, what most people don’t realize is that their mattresses can be even worse! You spend at least 8 hours a night sleeping and resting on your mattress, and during that time, millions of microorganisms can take up residence.

Sunning your mattress daily isn’t practical for most people, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! As the top professional mattress cleaning company in Singapore, we provide steam cleaning and deep cleaning services that will leave your mattress fresh and clean.

We take pride in delivering consistently excellent cleaning services, and our satisfied customers can attest to the quality of our work. Don’t settle for a dirty, germ-ridden mattress.

Let us help you sleep better tonight!

What Are Our Range Of Services:

Mattress Deep Cleaning:

Our professional mattress cleaning Singapore Experts will first inspect your mattress to analyse what kind of cleaning method is needed for you.

We mostly dry clean first to remove dead skin cells, dust mites, any bed bugs, dirt and debris.

Our high-tech equipment is designed to suck up to 15 inches of the thickness of the mattress.

Our mattress cleaning equipment will leave no dirt behind!

Mattress Mold Removal

Redness of the eye, skin rashes, headache, cold, asthma, etc., are some of the medical conditions that occur due to mold.

To improve indoor air quality, one must need a proper cleaning of houses.

Regular washes use moist products that lead to mold development.

Before doing any upholstery cleaning, our mattress cleaning Singapore professionals will opt for moisture-free products and dry cleaning methods to prevent dampness.

Dust mite extraction:

We perform steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning to destroy and eradicate dust mites or other allergens.

No one-step solution is ever enough. It is always a combination of cleaning services like vacuuming, heat, and steam with minimum moisture content to produce successful results.

Extreme heat makes the environment inappropriate for dust mites’ survival as it reduces the humidity level.

Our mattress cleaning extraction machine does the job perfectly.

Stain Treatment

Dirt, sweat, other bodily fluids, and even foods and drinks can leave permanent stains on the mattresses.

Stain removal is a part of the process of mattress cleaning that removes unattractive marks from the beds.

Had a sudden mishap? We provide urgent deep mattress cleaning services.

Odour Removal:

Dirty mattresses tend to smell bad, most likely it is due to the buildup of dust mites, sweat, and dead skin cells.

Usually, the providers use a chemical-free dry cleaning method and then deodorize the mattress to make it smell clean and fresh.

Our mattress cleaning Singapore Specialists will provide professional house cleaning services to remove stubborn odours.

These numbers represent our journey! We are deeply humbled.

We started out cleaning homes as a part time job to foot the bills. We have moved on to create our existing company with the existing pool of highly satisfied customers and referrals referred to us.








Years of

The Benefits Of A Mattress Cleaning Service In Singapore?

Cleanliness promotes good character by keeping the mind, body, and soul peaceful and clean. Thus, a hygienic mattress cleaning can be of great help. Some of the benefits that a clean bed can provide when you hire a professional mattress cleaning service company are:


100% Dry Results

It gets tough to sleep at night when a person constantly blows his nose or is itching. Dust mites and molds may trigger allergies that can upset sleeping patterns and make it painful for a person using a mattress.

A proper mattress cleaning or even sofa cleaning reduces the risks of itching and allergies and prevents specific illnesses by bidding farewell to harmful bacteria.


Increased Air quality

A filthy mattress contributes mainly to the pollution of indoor air. When a person analyzes how much dust, oil, sweat, and shed skin on a mattress, it is easy to understand why it can pollute the atmosphere.

The room begins to smell stinky, making it hazardous for the adults and babies to inhale such lousy air. Hence, the main benefit of having a clean mattress is to increase the room air quality instantly.

Also, it eradicates organic contaminants caused by a dirty mattress and fights foul smells directly affecting sleep at night.


Increased Lifespan of a Mattress

To make mattresses last for years, one should get them cleaned now and then. The urge to have a clean bed can help prevent wear and tear between its linings and the covers.

Mattresses with torn covers are vulnerable to damage that can expose the inner springs or pad, leaving them to finish even faster.

With a proper deep clean and a good cleaning process from a professional, wearing out of mattresses can also be resolved. Get your mattress cleaning or sofa cleaning, done today!

Which Areas Do We Serve?

Living in Singapore has its perks, and one of them is having access to the Mattress Cleaning Singapore Company! We're the cool cats that offer our top-notch mattress cleaning services all over Singapore, whether you've got a residential or commercial mattress that needs a little TLC. We don't mess around when it comes to providing our customers with the best of the best, so you can sleep soundly knowing your mattress is squeaky clean. Don't wait any longer, hit that WhatsApp button and let's get started!

When Are We Available?

Looking for a company that is always there when you need them? Well, you're in luck! We're available every day from 9 am - 11 pm, so you can get your mattress cleaned any time of the week that works for you. But wait, there's more! We also offer emergency and special case services for those times when you just can't wait to get your mattress cleaned. With our trustworthy and reliable cleaning services in Singapore, you can sleep soundly knowing we've got your back (and your mattress!).

Stop suffering from sleepless nights on your dirty mattress. Sign up for our immaculate & hassle-free mattress cleaning services Today!

Cleaning Services Price List

Deep Cleaning

Size Unit Price
Single Mattress $70
Super Single Mattress $80
Queen Mattress $90
King Mattress $110

Stain Treatment + Deep Cleaning

Size Unit Price
Single Mattress $80
Super Single Mattress $90
Queen Mattress $100
King Mattress $110

Why Do Singapore Customers Choose Us?

Looking for the ultimate mattress cleaning experience? Look no further! We are the top choice for Singaporeans when it comes to deep cleaning your mattress. Our secret weapon? Advanced upholstery cleaning technology that gets the job done right every time. We're not satisfied with just good enough - we're always striving to improve and make your experience even better. Our cutting-edge equipment is not only effective but safe for you and your family. Plus, we use organic chemical technology from Europe, so you can rest easy knowing that we're doing our part to protect the environment too. When it comes to mattress cleaning, we're simply the best!

Remarkable Customer Service Standard:

Our customers are our top priority. If our customers are not happy we are not happy. Customer service represents the professionalism of a company and how excited they are to work with you. We want to ensure that you have an amazing experience working with us. We will answer any queries, questions, and concerns you might have. Our team of experts has solutions and answers to all your problems.

Proven Effective:

In a small country like Singapore, they are many cleaning companies, but still, our customers still choose us every single time. This is because our cleaning method is proven to remove 99.9% of all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and dust mites that are embedded in your mattress. Our services have also been recommended by doctors for people who are suffering from eczema, asthma, allergies, or people with compromised immune systems. Our cleaning services have helped improve their conditions drastically.

Quality of Employed Cleaners:

A good company has a team of great employees. We are highly skilled and trained in mattress cleaning and sofa cleaning. We are experts in what we do. When working with the Mattress Cleaning Singapore Company, you will see that our employees are very professional. We work as a team where everybody performs their duties and maintain high-quality service. Expect only high-quality results!

Choice of Cleaning Technology:

We at mattress cleaning Singapore use the best cleaning technology that gives you the result you want while being safe. Why our cleaning technology is different from other mattress cleaning companies?

1. Guaranteed Safe:

We use cleaning technologies that have been tested and approved on all the leading mattress brands in Singapore to be safe for cleaning. Almost all of the mattresses available in the Singapore market survive our cleaning process! This makes our mattress cleaning service safe and reliable.

2. 100% Dry:

We use low moisture technology to clean your mattress. This ensures that your mattress remains dry after the treatment is complete. You can sleep on your mattress right after the treatment and would not have to deal with a soggy mattress afterwards.

3. No Chemical Residue:

We use high power vacuums that will remove all kinds of chemicals that we use to clean your mattress. Other than that the cleaning chemicals we use are plant-based and organic making them safe for you, your babies, and your pets.

How Does Our Company Work?

Our methods and processes are thorough and immaculate. Our attention to detail is what keeps our clients referring their sceptical friends back to us. Here are some of the steps we take to make sure our customers get value for their money from engaging us:

Step 1:

We use high-tech equipment that does the job immaculately without damaging the bed. These play a huge role in helping us get all the dust and dirt in your mattress.

Your mattress will undergo a process called pulverization which helps us break all embedded and clumped-up dirt into finer particles using vibration.

This is done without causing any harm or damage to your mattress.

Step 2:

The second step includes removing those fine dust particles.

We use a high tech tightly woven HEPA filter bag attached to our high power vacuum which is very different from the vacuums you might have at home.

This allows us to trap 99.9% of all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. It also kills them in the process.

Step 3:

This step is done if your mattress has any type of spots or stains.

We use a special high-quality stain lifter. This allows us to lift any kind of stubborn spots and stains that are left behind.

We then use hot water extraction to lift the stain lifter and clean your mattress.

If your mattress does not have any stains we move straight to step 4.

Step 4:

This is the step in which we will perform a disinfection and odour elimination procedure, offered as an additional service to eradicate surface bacteria and viruses effectively.

Step 5:

This step is done to protect your mattress from future re-infestation and delay it. We use a disinfectant spray that is safe for you and your family while protecting your mattress from dust mites.

We then spray a non-scented to deodorize and neutralize any odour. These are completely safe but are very effective they can even remove microorganisms like herpes, H5N1, and SARS.

All these steps are performed on both the top and sides of your mattress. This will help keep your mattress clean and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

What People Say About Our Services

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Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore Review



Mike Tan


Martin is super professional and responsive to my queries! Had an after party mess to be dealt with urgently and decided to engage this company after searching online. Never regretted my decision. Affordable pricing too after doing price comparison. Highly recommended!


Ruth Luk


Superb service and and professionalism from the team. They answered my questions promptly, came on time and made sure my mattresses and house were thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Very satisfied with their service. Highly recommend!

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is It Worth Cleaning A Mattress?

    Mattresses house dust mites, debris, and other microscopic organism meaning that they require cleaning frequently. Therefore, getting a mattress cleaned professionally will prevent allergies and provide healthy air for breathing.

    How much does it cost to clean a mattress?

    A company providing the cheapest rates might not be the best solution. Rather in extreme cases, it might provide disappointment and damage to items if not professionally done. So what are the best mattress cleaning costs? Mattress cleaning prices averages around $100-$150. But as every household requires different cleaning needs, it is common to get a better rate when you are cleaning up to 3 items. Consult us for your mattress cleaning Singapore needs today.

    How Often Should You Get Your Mattress Cleaned?

    It is essential to get a mattress cleaned once every six months. When a bed catches any stain or dirt, it should be dealt with immediately before it sets in. However, the use of a quality mattress casing may reduce the need to clean it as often.

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