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Time leaves a mark on your furniture. Without proper care and maintenance on your sofa, it may suffer from oxidation and discolouration. In worst case scenarios, germs and bacterias may even grow and breed on your sofas, causing your loved ones to suffer from skin irritations and sinuses. Consult us Today on how you can bring your favourite sofas back to life like brand new. Call us NOW!


The service staff is very professional, walked us through the steps of their cleaning process and did a really good job! Highly Recommended cleaning Company!

Richard Tay 2 days ago

I had my mattress deep cleaned by them at last minute notice due to my girl's pee. Very satisfied with the results. Arranging an appointment is hassle-free and easy with just a simple WhatsApp message.

Ping An Qi 1 month ago

Always had sinus and eczema issues. Engaged this company's services. Huge improvement to my condition. Definitely recommending these guys for our next cleaning session.

Michelle Yong 6 months ago

Get Your Dirty sofas Steam Cleaned with our High Tech European Equipments. We can even remove stubborn stains Book Your Sofa Cleaning Service Today!

Who Are We? And Who Do We Service?

Mattress Cleaning Singapore is a cleaning company that’s offering its services to the residents of Singapore for many years. We are a company that is licensed and certified making us the expert sofa cleaning service providers. We specialize and offer a range of services for both residential and commercial establishments.

Being the leading sofa cleaning company in Singapore we are always researching ways to provide the best services to our customers. Our years of experience has helped us learn and understand the best and most effective sofa cleaning techniques and the best products we can use. We are determined to deliver services that provide the best results with the most lasting freshness.

Mattress Cleaning Singapore is a company in which you will always get more than what you pay for. We provide the best services while keeping them highly affordable so you can rely on us every single time for your mattress cleaning needs. We have experts that are professionally trained and are skilled to handle any sofa cleaning job. We customer our services according to your personal needs and requirements. With our years of experience, we have discovered through our research the best sofa cleaning equipment, technologies, and products.

Mattress Cleaning Singapore is a company that is reliable and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. This has made us the Sofa cleaning services company of choice.


We Specialise in the following Sofa Cleaning Services:

We are sometimes nicknamed by our loyal clients “Dust Mite Busters” or “Mite Busters”. Our cleaning system that we use can penetrate your very thick mattresses of up to 15 inches deep without flipping the bed.

Why A Sofa Mattress Is Necessary?

A very few people know that the cleanliness of a sofa has a direct impact on your home hygiene. A dirty sofa can affect health further than just support and relief. Also,
the room’s hygiene quality can get affected because of a dirty sofa. An uncleaned Sofa tends to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Get your sofas cleaned Today!


Who to Call for Sofa Cleaning?

Many people think that regular vacuuming of your home sofa is sufficient. This is far from the truth. You need to deep clean your sofas to get rid of germs and bacteria. This is a job that required professional who are experts in sofa cleaning. If you are looking to get your sofa cleaned by a company you can trust contact mattress cleaning Singapore Company Today!

These numbers represent our journey! We are deeply humbled.

We started out cleaning homes as a part time job to foot the bills. We have moved on to create our existing company with the existing pool of highly satisfied customers and referrals referred to us.








Years of

Which Areas Do We Serve?

If you live in Singapore you are in luck. This is because the mattress cleaning company Sigapore serve the whole of Singapore. We will take care of any kind of Sofas leather or Fabric, be it residential or commercial. You can contact us today on our website or the numbers given below.

When Are We Available?

Our priority is providing the best service to our customers when they need it. We are available every day from 9 am – 11 pm so you can get your mattress cleaned any day of the week depending on your convenience. If that is not enough we are available for emergency and special cases where you want us to clean your mattress as soon as possible. The mattress cleaning company Singapore is a company you can trust and relay on at all times.

Get Your Dirty sofas Steam Cleaned with our High Tech European Equipments. We can even remove stubborn stains Book Your Sofa Cleaning Service Today!

Cleaning Services Price List

Sofa Cleaning

Size Unit Price
2 Seater $120 onwards
3 Seater $150 onwards
220cm Seater and above WhatsApp For A Quote!

Why Singapore Customers Choose Us?

Over the years they are multiple companies offering their bed mattresses cleaning services in Singapore. You need a company that will guarantee you good results every single time. Singaporean customers chose the mattress cleaning company as their number 1 choice in Singapore because of its advance cleaning technology. Over the years we have continued to use and produce better technology that help us clean your mattresses better. We are constantly in search of how we can make your mattress cleaning experience better. Our advanced technologies are safe for you and your family while performing better results and improving productivity. We are among the very few services that use 100% dry and organic chemical technology which originated in Europe. Some of the reason what makes us different from other mattress cleaning service in Singapore.

Remarkable Customer Service Standard:

We at Mattress cleaning Singapore believe that our customers are our top priority. If our customers are not happy we are not happy. Customer service represents the professionalism of a company and how excited they are to work with you. We want to ensure that you have an amazing experience working with us. We will answer any queries, questions, and concerns you might have. Our tem of experts have solution and answers to all your problems.

Proven Effective:

In a small country like Singapore they are still many mattress cleaning service but still our customers choose us every single time. This is because our cleaning method is proven to remove 99.9% all kind of bacteria, viruses, and dust mites that are embedded in your mattress. Our services has also been recommended by doctors with people who are suffering with eczema, asthma, allergies, or people with compromised immune system. Our cleaning services has helped
improve their conditions drastically.

Quality of Employed Cleaners:

A good company is one that has a team of great employees. Who are trained and are experts at the job they are performing. When working with the mattress cleaning Singapore Company you will see that our employees are very professional. They work a team where everybody performs their duties and maintain the high quality service that we provide.

Choice of Cleaning Technology:

We at mattress cleaning Singapore use the best cleaning technology that give you the result you want while being safe. Why our cleaning technology is different than other mattress cleaning service?

1. Guaranteed Safe:

We use cleaning technologies that have been tested and approved by all the leading mattress manufactures in Singapore to be safe for clean almost all of the mattress available in the Singapore market. These are also safe for you and your family.

2. 100% Dry:

We use low moisture technology to clean your mattress. This ensure that your mattress remain dry after the treatment is complete. You can sleep on your mattress right after the treatment and would not have to deal with a soggy mattress afterwards.

3. No Chemical Residue:

We use high power vacuums that will remove all kind of chemicals that we use to clean your mattress. Other than that the cleaning chemicals we use are plant based and organic making tem safe for you,your babies, and pets.

What People Say About Our Services

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Mattress Cleaning Services Singapore Review



Mike Tan


Martin is super professional and responsive to my queries! Had an after party mess to be dealt with urgently and decided to engage this company after searching online. Never regretted my decision. Affordable pricing too after doing price comparison. Highly recommended!


Ruth Luk


Superb service and and professionalism from the team. They answered my questions promptly, came on time and made sure my mattresses and house were thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. Very satisfied with their service. Highly recommend!

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Your Roadmap To A Cleaner Home Starts Here!

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